Thai Journalists Association - TJA

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Thai Journalists Association - TJA
538/1 Samsan rd., Dusit
Bangkok 10300 THAILAND
Tel: 02-668-9422 ; Fax: 02-668-7505

The Thai Journalists Association (TJA) is an independent media non-govermental organization that was established on March 2, 2000. TJA came into being after the Reporters' Association of Thailand and the Thailand's Newspapers Association (pls double ck) decided to merge to form one organization. The aim was to strengthen the institution of the free press in the country and continue to provide assistance to the members of the press. .

Thai Journalist Association looks towards being the main organization that promotes the freedom of expression and the protection of members of the press.

1. TJA will continue to work towards synchronizing all the tasks and the organizational structure of the Reporters Association of Thailand and the Federation of the Thai Journalists to make it a TJA's standard operating procedure.
2. TJA calls one its members to uphold honesty, ethical behaviors and the principle of neutrality in order to continue to maintain the respect from the general public and all other institutions.
3. TJA supports the idea that education must continue to the mean towards strengthen one's career and occupation.
4. TJA promotes the strengthening of cooperation among TJA members, journalists, publishers, and other organizations in the country.

TJA's board of directors is made up of 15 members, all of whom are journalists the newspapers affiliated with the TJA. The members of the board were been elected at the annual meeting and each board will serve for one year.

In the past, membership for the Reporter Association of Thailand and the Federation of Thai Journalists were reserved for members of the independent media working for daily, weekly, as well as monthly magazines and newspapers. Today, TJA is looking to expand its membership to include reporters from television and radio news stations. Annual membership fee for TJA is Baht 200.


Media Rights and Free Press: TJA has a very important role to play in promoting and ensuring that the institution of the free press will continue to be independent. TJA supports the idea that the public has the rights to access the information in order to educate themselves about the world in which they live.

Education: In order to promote and strengthening the institution of the free press in the country, TJA educates continue to educate Thai students about journalism and the role of an independent press, as well as the challenges the institution and the members of the press continue to face.

Benefits: TJA provides financial assistants to its members and their family for their education and medical expenses. Trust funds have been set up to help journalists in time of troubles.

Abroad: TJA is one of the founding members of the International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) and the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), an organization that promotes free press in the Southeast Asia region. The office of secretary general of SEAPA works out of the same office as the TJA. TJA is also a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). IFJ is an umbrella organization that unites newspapers world-wide under one grouping. The organization carries out seminars and other activities at the international levels with the participation of Thai journalists.

Competition: TJA organization competition among journalists in various categories, including news reporting on social, political and environmental issues, as well as the best local newspapers from various region through out Thailand, best photographers and best television documentary. TJA offers cash prize for all the winners and the runner-ups.

Journalist Ethics: TJA believes that it is the responsibilities of the members of the press and the institution itself to continue to be the main driving force in ensuring that newspapers and members of the TJA uphold the principles and journalist ethics. TJA has set up a five-man committee to look into issues and problems of unethical behavior and practices among journalists.

Subscribers : 1,800 persons

วีทีอาร์-สมาคมนักข่าวนักหนังสือพิมพ์แห่งประเทศไทย พศ. 2562


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