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BNI press release- "Fighting on the Sino-Burma Border: A case study of how Naypyidaw is defeating its own goals".

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BNI press release- "Fighting on the Sino-Burma Border: A case study of how Naypyidaw is defeating its own goals".

On behalf of BNI, we are pleased to inform our press release on "Fighting on the Sino-Burma Border: A case study of how Naypyidaw is defeating its own goals".

On June 9, the rising tensions between the Kachin Independence Organization/ Kachin Independence Army (KIO/ KIA) and Naypyidaw that began two years earlier, when the former together with other ceasefire groups were demanded to become militias run by the latter, came to a head with the outbreak of heavy fighting at Bum Sen, near the Sino-Burma border.

The incident marked the 4th in a series of broken ceasefire pacts: first, with Kokang in 2009, second with the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) last year, and third, with the Shan State Army (SSA) “North” last March.

The latest fighting once again demonstrates that without changing the psyche of the present Burmese leaders, a change of form and clothes will do nothing to promote the regime’s avowed Three Causes:

Non-disintegration of the Union
Non-disintegration of National Solidarity
Perpetuation of National Sovereignty

A well-known Burmese saying has counseled that when something could be bored with a needle, a chisel should never be used. However, this adage has gone against the grain of the Burmese military leaders who think there is no honor in boring something with a needle, when a chisel could be used.

Victory over the non-Burmans, who constitute 40% of Burma’s population and whose lands make up 60% of the country’s total area, could be won by give-and-take, as shown by the British and later in 1947 by Aung San, the father of Burma’s democracy icon.

Unfortunately, both for the people of Burma and its neighbors, his successors have been schooled only in “take and take”, that is, winning objectives by force, and not in “give-and-take”.

The presentation by Kachin News Group (KNG) therefore is not only to report what has take place so far in the Kachin areas, but also to clarity that as long as force is being used as the first and last resort by the regime, a strong and friendly Union of Myanmar, the declared ideal of the regime, will never become a reality.

The press conference is to be held:
Date: June 20, 2011
Time: 14:00 pm

Venue: Thia Journalist Association (TJA), BKK
For more details about the conference, please contact Khin Maung Shwe:
Tel: + 66 84 722 5988
Email: <>
In peace

Khin Maung Shwe
Development Secretary
+ 66 84 722 5988

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